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My new vanity.

My new vanity.



ESPN Films and ESPN W | Nine for IX “Branded” | for saveitlikesolo

I think without question women who aspire to be athletes, who want to play sports, are better off today than they were thirty years ago. I think it really encouraged young girls to go out there and aspire to their dreams and try to reach their goals. 

But despite Title IX, women have really gained very little at the professional sports level over time. 

It’s a cultural issue. It’s not just a women in sport issue. As a culture we have to look at all of the messages we send out on a daily basis about what we think is important. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. But I think we have a lot of progress to make.

In one of the classes I subbed, we learned about softball, and professional softball, in comparison to baseball. It was absolutely disgusting. 

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remember when the internet immortalized the picture of the couple kissing in the vancouver riots?

forget white people kissing in inappropriate places the only picture that belongs in the louvre is the picture of the man in the american flag shirt hurling a tear gas canister back while holding a chip bag in his other hand.


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Some tweets about #NMOS14 and people all over standing in solidarity with #Ferguson

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This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown,

Must Watch.

Dorian Johnson yall. Confident and clear. Bless him.

Fuck man. /:

Sorry not sorry for reposting things about this. It could be any of us one day.
How much longer do allow it?

Bless his heart. I don’t even know how he has the energy to stand upright after all of that. Wow.

Strong. My people are teflon.

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